Friday, 11 December 2015

Why Being a Bookworm is the Most Stressful Occupation OF EVER

I haven't done a discussion-y/chatty post in yonks! So today I'm taking a breather from throwing allllll the reviews at you all and posting a post that I guest posted over at The Paperback Palace a few months back! So if you think the post looks familiar but you're not sure why...that is why!

I get that there are really stressful occupations out there, I really do! Liiiiiike, being a heart or brain surgeon, or being a plane pilot when the plane is about to crash...but I still firmly believe that being a BOOKWORM tops the charts of Most Stressful Occupation in the World Of Ever. (...except possibly being that poor person that's made to give out free chocolate at the mall. There is nothing but a small pile of blood and bones, and a single twitching eyeball after the crowd is finished with them. Death by chocolate, heh.)

SO! Let me list you allllll the reasons WHY I think being a Bookworm leaves all other stressful occupations in the dust!

Being a Bookworm HURTS. You get so invested in the story and your babies the characters, and then when the book or series finishes, your heart is just a little bit broken. Your soul hurts and the pain ain't going away anytime soon.

2.) ALLLLLLLLLL the EMOTIONS. Having to deal with all that emotion is HARD. It's taxing and tiring and horrible but at the same time energising and exciting and wonderful to the highest degree.

You know those people that are acting like caffeinated rabbits? They are suffering from FEELS. A bit like emotions except everything is POSITIVE. It's like sunshine and rainbows and everything beautiful and amazing amped up 100000000+.

4.) The TEEEEEARS. Unless you have an iron heart covered in ice, you, as a bookworm must have wept over a book once. Even me! Girl who read TFIOS and The Book Thief without even thinking of shedding a tear, even finishing the last page of The Harry Potter series didn't make me bawl (it was close though). But I have cried over a book, which shows that even I, Girl Of Frozen Heart have been beaten. ANYWAY. Tears are horrible. They're wet and drippy and makes you feel like a very used soggy dish cloth. Plus they're EXHAUSTING. And very, very stressful.

5.) The POVEEERTY. Unlike other stressful jobs, being a Bookworm DOES NOT pay. I repeat, DOES NOT PAY. And um, being a Bookworm can be a rather expensive occupation, especially if you always feel the need to have ALL THE BOOKS whenever you walk into anywhere that sells books. On the positive side, you can use the books for warmth if you get really desperate. Like a duvet. Or fire fodder.

6.) The DESPAAAAAIR. YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO READ EVERY BOOK YOU WANT TO READ NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY. This is so despairing. And awfully true. Because there will ALWAYS be more books you want to read, and no matter how fast you read YOU WILL NEVER CATCH UP.

I Do. Not. Like. To. Wait. OK?! I wouldn't call myself impatient (my Mum would but shhh don't listen to her) but I like things to happen fast. ESPECIALLY if it's book related. Waiting for a sequel or the next book in the series KILLS me. I start worrying and stressing and getting to excited and then start sulking when I remember how faaaaaar away the release date is, and all I can think, is that I wouldn't be getting all worked up if the authors just gave me their books when I wanted them. PROBLEM SOLVED.

8.) The WAAAAAANT. I would LOVE to have that book and that book and that book and that book and that book and that AND THAT BOOK AND THAT BOOK AND THAT BOOK AND THAT BOOK ANDTHATBOOKANDTHATBOOKANDPLEASEJUSTGIVEMEALLOFTHEM.

9.) The ANGER. Steaming about how much you hate a certain character is not helping that rising blood pressure, my friend. Nor fantasizing about a character in a book or the book itself dying in a multitude of gory and bloody deaths. It's not healthy but nothing is going to stop it happen.

You can't call yourself an Awesome Bookworm if you haven't read far to late into the night. Of course, a downside to the wonderfulness that is getting so stuck into a story that you lose track of time, is that a lack of sleep will more then likely make your behaviour rival a cobra that's just been stabbed with a hat pin the next morning (like me!).

So there you have it! All the issue that comes with being a Bookworm! What do you think?! Have I got most of them, or have you got some more?! What was your favourite from my list?! Tell ALLLL in the comments!

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